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Category: Adobe Photoshop

How to install custom shapes in Ps?

Custom shape tool is very useful tool nested in the tools panel at the left side below. To select it, click and hold on the icon for whichever shape tool is currently visible. Select the Custom Shape Tool from the bottom of the list. Custom shape tool not only use for drawing various shapes but also it  is usable […]

What is brush tool? How to use in Ps?

This is one of the first tool ever. It paints on your image in whatever color you have selected and whatever size you have selected. Multiple brushes are available in photoshop. We have to use photoshop brushes very carefully and in a effective way. Now, we will need to know that how to use photoshop […]

How to use filter tab in Ps?

We use various photoshop tools to edit images for usefulness. We can crop, cut, blur an image with the use of photoshop tools effectively. Now, we will learn how to use filter tab in photoshop Step:1 Open any image in photoshop file then click on the filter tab option at the top. select Blur option […]