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How to initialize Git?

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After downloading git, we will initialize it within few steps:


we will log in to bitbucket account.


We will create a new repository by clicking the add button also have to give a repository name & click on the create repository button.


A new link will generate & we have to use this link in git.


We have to go into the directory containing the project. After that, we will initialize git by right click.


We have to click on the gitbash here option.


We will write some codes here to push the directory file/project in the bitbucket repository.

git init
git config –global user.email “suman.sb30@gmail.com”
git config –global user.name “Suman Bhattacharjee”
git remote add origin (https://sumansb30@bitbucket.org/sumansb30/template_imperia_club.git)
git add.
git status
git commit -am “Initial Commit”
git push -u origin –all
git push -uf origin –all

only this git remote origin must be used as per local Git repository on Bitbucket.


Now the file is added to the bitbucket repository…Click on refresh & you can see it.

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