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What are the java identifiers & keywords?

All the Java components we just talked about—classes, variables, and methods—need names. In Java these names are called identifiers, and, as you might expect, there are rules for what constitutes a legal Java identifier. Like all programming languages, Java has a set of built-in keywords. These keywords must not be used as identifiers. Later in […]

What is java?

Java was developed by a team of computer professionals under the guidance of James Gosling at Sun Microsystems in 1991. They wanted to give a suitable name. Initially, they called it “oak” after seeing an oak tree from their window, but after some weeks they were discussing another name and were sipping java coffee, so […]

Receiving input in C

In general C program, you can itself should ask the user to supply the values of required variables. This can be achieved using a function called scanf( ). This function is a counter-part of printf( ) function. Printf( ) outputs the values to the screen, whereas scanf( ) receives them from the keyboard. Each variable […]

Constants, Variables & keywords

In any C program, we typically do lots of calculations. The results of these calculations are stored in the computer’s memory. Computers memory also consists of millions of cells, to make the usage of these values easy, memory cells are given names. Since the value stored in each location may change, the names given to […]

introduction to C

C is a programming language developed at AT & T’s Bell Laboratories of the USA in 1972. It was designed & written by a man named Dennis Ritchie. C became popular because of its reliability, simple & easy to use. In an industry where newer languages, tools & technologies emerge & vanish day in & […]

What is use of keys in database?

A key is a field, or combination of fields, in a database table used to retrieve and sort rows in the table based on certain requirements. Keys are defined to speed up access to data and, in many cases, to create links between different tables. uses of keys in the database: Primary Key: There can be […]

What is Database Management System?

The database Management system is an organized collection of interrelated and persistent data.   Difference between flat file system & database management system?   File Management System     Easy-to-use system to store general files which require less security and constraints. Data Redundancy is more in a file management system. Data Inconsistency is more in a file […]

How to convert a Html theme into custom WordPress theme?

We will convert an HTML theme into WordPress theme by following some rules & regulations: First We have to choose the bootstrap theme for converting into the WordPress theme. We can get many search results in our search engine & we have to download the theme. Second Unzip the downloaded template in the htdocs folder & cut the unzipped […]

How to initialize Git?

After downloading git, we will initialize it within few steps: Firstly we will log in to bitbucket account. Secondly We will create a new repository by clicking the add button also have to give a repository name & click on the create repository button. Thirdly A new link will generate & we have to use this link […]