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Date Object in Java


Creating a Date Instance You should create an instance of the Date object with the “new” keyword. The following line of code stores the current date in a variable called “my_date”: var my_date=new Date( ) After creating an instance of the Date object, you can access all the methods of the object from the “my_date” […]

Javascript functions


Functions are the central working units of JavaScript. Almost all the scripting code uses one or more functions to get the desired result. If you want your page to provide certain a user-defined functionality, then functions are a convenient way of doing so. Therefore it is important that you understand what a function is and […]

What is the javascript variables & datatypes?


javascript code should be written between the tags. The value LANGUAGE = “JavaScript” indicates to the browser that Javascript code has been used in the HTML document. It is a good programming practice to include the Javascript code within the and tags. Now let us start with variables. Variables store and retrieve data, also known […]

What is javascript?


JavaScript is the programming language of the Web. It is used mainly for validating forms. JavaScript and Java can be related to each other. There exist many other differences between the two. The client interprets JavaScript, whereas, in Java, one can execute a Java file only after compiling it. JavaScript is based on an object […]